Oak strutting beams

Only wood was used for roof constructions in historical buildings. Roofs are divided into pent, saddle with hipped end or clipped gable, cross and semi cross, pyramid, folded plate, saw tooth, spire, with rotational area, mansards and cylindrical. An integral part of the roof is a truss, which is the main supporting construction. Oak strutting beams are horizontal elements that absorb forces that could cause damage to the structure and are an important element of the truss. 

Oak strutting beams are an integral part of a truss 

Oak strutting beams are one of the most important elements of a purlin system which is one of the most widespread type in the Czech Republic. Nowadays, a rafter system is used for smaller roofs. Oak strutting beams are horizontal elements and they form a pair system, they are mounted under the central purlin and they get attached to the truss pair from the side. 

Oak strutting beams stiffen the individual truss ties. They are used for soffit hanging at the residential attic and the insulation of the ceiling above the residential attic at the level of strutting beams. 

When choosing the truss system, many parameters are taken into account by the designer. A very important parameter is, what span the future roof should bridge. A significant part is the roof inclination and also climate conditions and where the roof is located. The choice of construction is also influenced by the fact whether and to what extent a residential attic is to be placed under the roof. Oak strutting beams are most often made of two boards which are attached to trusses on two sides. 

For the production of oak strutting beams, high-quality oak wood from domestic or Slovak wood species is used. Oak wood is strong, durable and generally undemanding, in addition, it is perfectly resistant to weather conditions. We will make the strutting beams exactly to measure. Other parts of the truss are rafters, lattice trusses, purlins and wall plates. These parts form a truss system, where the purlin truss is the most rigid structure for roofs.

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