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Introducing ourselves.

We are a seller of oak lumber.

Our company is engaged in the import, processing and sale of oak lumber. We offer a wide range of oak, fast delivery to the destination. Do you require quality and affordable oak lumber, oak planks, oak planks? You’re right here. Do not hesitate to contact us and personally verify our individual approach to the customer. Oak boards, planks are the basic raw material for the production of joints, which is further used for the production of solid wood furniture, such as cabinets, tables, chairs, beds, doors, windows, stairs, barrels, musical instruments and more.

We put on high-quality services, we offer the customer Oak boards and planks dried to 8 – 10% humidity, which guarantees that the lumber does not twist and does not dry out significantly.


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Timber divided into building, construction and carpentry

according to the method of use in the given area

Carpentry and joinery

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We divide lumber

according to humidity


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