Oak strut

An integral part of every building is its roof. The purpose of the roof structure is to protect the building from the vagaries of the weather, it also serves as thermal insulation and protection against frost. Roofs are a flat or pitched.

Trusses are divided according to the shape into saddle, hip or half-hipped, countertop, mansard, saw tooth and pyramid. Then, the individual trusses are divided into various systems. The systems are rafter ones, king post, queen post and truss web. Amongst the basic carpentry elements are tie beams, rafters, purlins, oak post, strutting beam, straps and struts. 

Oak struts support purlins in full truss. It has a square cross section stressed by pressure. It is anchored into the main purlin beam by cleats. To produce oak column, we use quality wood just like for rafters and other part of trusses. 

Purlin system and its types 

The rafters are supported by central horizontal purlin and that transfers their load. The full ties are placed 4.5 – 5 m from each other and their load is transferred by the oak pillar and the strut of a tie beam. 

King post 

This type of truss is created by purlins that are supported by an oak pillar. Thanks to full ties with many elements, this type of truss is used in places, where we can lack attic space. The tie beam should be supported in the middle of its span by the central supporting wall due to the beam loading by columns and struts. 

Queen post 

This type of truss is used in buildings where the tie beam cannot be supported by supporting wall and it is necessary to keep the attic space fee for a possible attic installation. The central purlin is also in this case supported by an oak post and also struts but in an inclined plane. The individual elements transfer the load closer to the supports. 

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