Oak rafters

Rafters are inclined truss elements which support roof battens and the roof covering is attached to them. Oak rafters are formed by ties. The roof consisting of only rafters is called single roof. The most common is the purlin system, where the rafters are placed in the transverse direction, i.e. perpendicular to the purlins. The type of rafter system and the amount of snow precipitations or truss span indicate their dimension.

In the Italian system, oak rafters are laid longitudinally and supported by reinforcements. The rafters are an essential load-bearing part of the trusses, they give the roof its shape and at the same time carry it out at regular intervals. At the same time, they carry loads from wind and snow. Two opposite oak rafters are connected with strutting beams. In the case of a smaller span, a top attachment is used for mounting.

Oak rafters have a typical finish and you can easily recognize them in the roof system. These are square beams made of oak wood, which are the same along the entire length. They have a created seat for placing them on top and creating a header, i.e. a visible end of the rafter. The saddles are carved on the basis of project documentation. Using a CNC machine, decorative and more complex heads can be produced. All ends of the rafters – heads carved to the millimetre exactly.

You can choose the type of head for oak rafters exactly tailored to your requirements. You can order them with the length and cross section of the rafter. For truss roofs, it is possible to add a false rafter with a head at the end so that the entire roof resembles a tied truss. A false rafter can be used where a visible truss end is required. We will tailor the rafters to your needs.

Quality oak wood from domestic forests is used for the production of oak rafters. The wood for the rafters must not twist in any way, it must be of high quality. The roof is an investment for decades, so choose an experienced supplier.

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