Oak fish rack

Pond is a freshwater reservoir with relatively large nearshore (littoral) zone, small or not developed open water (pelagic) zones and deep profundal zone.

The depth of the pond rarely exceeds 2 meters, so a clear division of the individual zones cannot be observed. The pond includes a monk, a dam, a drain or oak fish rack. 

Oak fish racks a simple structure that resembles a fence and it serves to prevent fish from escaping a pond. This sieve wall is located at the pond drain. If the pond is watered by a river or a stream, the live edge timber planks should also be located at its entrance to prevent fish from escaping the upstream. 

Oak fish racks

These racks must be made of high quality materials. The advantage of oak is its water resistancy for many years. We manufacture oak racks exactly according to your needs. 

The key is the size between individual bars/rods. The gap size depends on the kind of fish in the breeding facilities. The gap must be large enough so that the water drains effectively and fast and at the same time no fish can escape. In the past, the fish rack were solely made of wood and preferably oak but these days, it is more common to use iron ones. We believe that water and oak wood traditionally belong together so we also offer oak racks. 

Oak wood is very high quality and oak is one of the most important trees ever. Thanks to its hardness, it has been used for centuries on beams, joists, floors, furniture but also for various water management structures. In Europe, oaks have been cultivated since 17th century. For oak racks and other products, we solely use trees coming from domestic or Slovak forests. You can be sure to receive a high quality product or material which will serve you for many years. 

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