Oak constructions for gazebos

A construction of a garden gazebo is not as difficult as you think. The best is to plan its construction before arranging the garden, then you will be clear on where to put paths, put grass and plants. Oak constructions for gazebos can be ordered to fit your garden. 

Each gazebo, even the one from a store, must stand stable and withstand the wind. 

It is therefore necessary to create a concrete foundation and fasten the structure to it with steel anchors. In the case of garden pavilions, point foundations on which the columns of the load-bearing structure are built are sufficient. In the designated places, the pits are dug 60 – 80 cm and at least three times the width of the column. Their bottom is covered with debris and poured with concrete. Before the material thickens, we sink steel anchors, to which we later attach the rods. If you want to facilitate your work, you can have oak constructions for gazebos made.

Oak wood is very popular as a construction timber. Wooden gazebos have a light construction and therefore the roofing cannot be heavy. A roof with shingles or aspen shavings looks very interesting – boards overlapping each other as tiles are nailed for the roof formwork. Thatched roofs are becoming more and more popular and insulate it against heating. Oak constructions for gazebos are resistant to weather conditions. In addition, the treated wood is resistant to wood destroying fungi and various pests, it does not mind exposure to rain, wind or snow. 

If you want the oak constructions for gazebos to be covered by climbing plants, it is also necessary to treat the wood. It is best to impregnate the wood with deeply penetrating agents based on linseed oil or resins or water based products. 

In order for the plants to adhere easily, the surface should be rough, so avoid painting this oak structure for gazebos. Elements that are found in the ground are covered with bituminous material. You can also heat their surface with a heat gun or fire.

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