Oak collar beam

Collar tie beam is one of the most used truss constructions. This style has been used since the Middle Ages and in its shape it is equilateral triangle. The reason for using this truss style in these days is the fact that many people thrive for residential attics. 

The difference between the collar tie beam and the purlin one is visible at first sight. The collar beam truss consists of two rafters that are placed on the wall plates. Instead of the strutting beam, the compression strut is used in this truss. Rafters are attached to the metal strips or ropes directly into the ceiling construction. 

The collar beam truss is one of the trusses with a large span. It is possible to implement them on the span of 6-11 metres. Each binding is full and the individual rafters are spaced from each other by 900-1200 mm. In case of the span of more than 9 meters, the truss is supported by posts and the collar beam system is divided into simple and supported. 

Collar tie beam systems 

The easiest truss of the collar beam system is a simple system. All pairs of rafters are supported by oak collar beam that most often has similarity to strutting beams. The oak collar beam can then be fixed or movable. Wooden collar beam trusses are used for roofing of a family house with the attic span up to 10 m. The height of the room in the attic is then determined according to how high the oak collar beam is placed. 

The oak collar beam is a horizontal beam that connects two opposite rafters and it is inserted between the rafters in such a height so it is possible to walk under them (200 cm and higher). It divides the rafters in a ratio of 2:1 and its length must not exceed 3.5 m. The oak collar beam is used when the rafters are longer than 4.5 m. If it is supported, it transfers the rafter load. 

We can custom-make oak collar beams. Only high quality oak wood that has the suitable moisture and is precisely processed is used for the production. 

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