Oak boards

Wood is a widely known building material with a wide range of uses, occurring in various varieties, of which oak is particularly remarkable. Oak is one of the most valuable types of wood. This raw material has been used for centuries in different areas of life and it is valued for its unique features. What are the basic properties of oak planks and where are they used? 

Oak boards – characteristics 

What characterizes an oak? Oak has been associated with great ongoing popularity for centuries. Its characteristic feature is an exceptional hardness and strength. Extremely hard oak wood is resistant to different types of mechanical damage, such as cracks, scratches or abrasions or shrinkage. To preserve these oak features and to further increase its resistance to cracks, it is necessary to properly process oak lumber by thoroughly drying the wood. The oak boards are then perfectly processed. It is worth noting that, despite the considerable hardness of oak wood, it is extremely prone to processing, such as bending, gluing and dying which enables a wide use of this type. One of the advantages of oak planks is their aesthetic value. The characteristic greyish-yellow colour of oak changes according to irregularly distributed straight grains which together create a rough effect that works in any interior. It is necessary to mention that factors such as time, humidity and sunlight contribute to the gradual change of the natural colour of the oak to a darker one. 

Oak boards – use 

Due to the numerous advantages of oak, it is widely used in many industries and has been a valuable material used in various ways for centuries. Oak boards are primarily used in the following areas: 

Construction – thanks to the extraordinary hardness and durability are oak boards ideal as a building material which is used for building various types of buildings. 

Furniture – the aesthetic look of oak boards, their durability and easy processing are highly valued in the furniture industry. Among other things, tables, sideboards or shelves are made of oak. 

Interior design – not only furniture but also other elements of interior design, for example doors or windows are made of oak planks. In addition to joinery, floor boards, wooden panelling, stairs, blinds and shutters are also made of oak. Oak boards are also used in other areas such as shipbuilding and sculpture. 

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